Ok,here are my links. All of these are close to my heart,especially my very own pot site ;) Enjoy!

Ever curious about what your name would be if you were a smurf??? Something Funny:Type in Gail Weaver,it fits her perfectly! LOL ;)
Smurf Name Generator

This is just fucking cool!! Call me a psychopath, but this is VERY interesting to me..
911 Phone Calls

So,all about religion? Well,I'm not and this quiz shows why!
Bible Quiz

I'm sick like this,I like to read about other people doing some really fucked up shit.

Need to know which Toad's ass to lick? Want to know if that Ecstasy tab you were given is gonna kill ya??? Everything you ever needed to know about drugs of all kinds is here.
The Vaults Of Erowid

Self explanitory :)
St.Patty's Day Training Manual

Check out all the fun they have!
The FBI Files

Some of these started out as good ideas,I'm all for anything that will make me a little more lazy ;)
The Museum Of Unworkable Devices

BwaHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Hahahahahaahaaaa cough.. sputter.. sputter..
Bitches In Heels Productions

More of my sick dementia! I like to read them and see if I can figure them out. I think I have one of them cracked,but I dont wanna die so I'm not saying a damn thing
Crime Scene Evidence Files

And just where the hell would you be without the earth? NO WHERE THATS WHERE!! But go ahead,keep throwing your fucking garbage out of your windows,see if I give a shit if our children and grandchildren start being born with fucking arms and legs sticking out of their god damned foreheads.
Greenpeace International Homepage

This is a collection of some of the most amazing art I have ever seen. Its a bit on the disturbed side,but I worship the artist,its just fucking amazing.
Vomitus Maximus Artwork

WHOOHOOO!!! My personal Marijuana site. Hope you enjoy!
My Budatorium

Like Mushrooms as much as I do?? Well,now you can grow your own happy little shrooms!
The Hawks Eye

This is a site full of some crazy shit,man.
Dans Wild World Of Stuff

Big Brother is a jackass,here is the best history of human experimentation I can find.
Human Experimentation

When you think the world is just a useless piece of shit,take a look at these beautiful photos. There is always something you've never seen before.
Ramblin Cameras

WHOOO!! The first National Church Of SpongeBob SquarePants!!!!!!
Are ya ready kids? Aye Aye Captain!!

Trivia,Toons,a lot of weird shit.
Dribble Glass

A poetry site. It contains some wide range thinking,I enjoy it,and if you have a brain in your skull you will too.

Its difficult to describe this one. Its very interesting. If you are not a fan of poetry (why the hell are you even here!?) there are plenty more things to occupy your mind. Its just,well, fun.
The Emerald River

Another poetry site. This one is unique in my eyes,and the artist is very very talented. I love,absolutely LOVE his poetry!!
Memories,dreams,and other misplaced things

This site is filled with just some cool shit to pass the time.. Enjoy!
Anything Goes

Can't resist my wonderful links? Want some more? Well,go to my second links page.. And then I might even make a music links page.. Who the hell knows?
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