So sue me,I felt kinda run down that day.. LOL sorry,that was a really bad joke ;)

Push your damned back button,I am too spaced to remember how to make a back up link. But you dont even care,do you? I'm watching this show about PCP right now. Why is it when you watch television they always make everything look so damned horrible? I'll tell you why. Because the government is in YOUR TELEVISION!!! They are watching you every moment of your life. Did you ever think about those damned V-chips? Yup, thats what they are for. Same with "cookies" on this damned internet. They track you. They watch you when your jerkin to porn. Didn't think about that did you?? Do you feel...dirty? You should you oversexed ape!! Well,I'm tired of ranting. Auf Wiedersehen ;)