Links 2

A cool ass site,with a quiz to tell you which serial killer you would be..
This Is A Cry For Help

Just plain fuckin odd
Duct Tape Wall Hangings

Elvis is D-E-A-D! And here you can live those last minutes of his life

The final meals of some of Texas' deathrow inmates
Yum Yum Yum

Kick-ass hearses
Grim Rides

Moon trees? I didn't think that trees could survive up there.. Oh what the hell do I know (obviously a lot more than these mother fuckers)

Ever just wanna say "fuck reality"?
Phuck Reality

Need something witty and refreshing to say so you don't sound as retarded as usual?
Quotable Quotes

Twisted Animations!! I highly recommend Mittens the cute kitten!!
The Other Side

Heh,I have 73 more years to live,how about you? Oh,you dont know?? Well,then find out here:
Tick Tock.. Tick Tock..

Funny fuckin animations. This should definitely be viewed.

The truth behind the news stories on television and in newspapers. A definite must see.

All about the Muppet Show!!!

Ever wonder about the future? Well,wonder no longer,ask this wanna be 8-ball!
The Magic Lightbulb